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At The Law Office of Judie Saunders, we provide transparent pricing for criminal defense clients and abuse survivors.

"at your pace"

Two Decades of working with children in trauma, families in distress is packaged in 1 place. Exclusive access to relevant articles, podcasts interviews, experts in child development and trauma, "The Process" Ebook, curated ChildUSA library, and Two 30 minute sessions with Judie Saunders per month.

National Governing Body Lawyer

The Authority Figure and Institutions have lawyers and so should you. You filed a report for abuse with the NGA or US Center for Safe Sport, what happens next? Get the response and representation at administrative hearings. Includes all benefits of "At Your Pace" plan.

Criminal counsel plan

$237 per month for 12 months
All forms of abuse are unacceptable, some forms are criminal. Criminal Counsel plan advises, guides and represents you through the criminal court process. Includes all benefits of "At Your Pace" Plan.

Civil Court Action Plan 

$500 per month for 5 months
With the Civil Court Action plan, we consult, investigate and gather evidence needed to file a civil case in state or federal court. Under this plan we prepare your case for civil court for the purpose of holding your child's abuser accountable. Includes all benefits of "At Your Pace" plan.

Initial consultation

Do you have questions about your case, but are not sure if hiring an attorney is right for you? Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with Judie Saunders, Esq.