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Encounters with law enforcement in automobiles, streets and premises are governed by State and Federal Constitutions.  If an encounter with law enforcement results in the illegal search and seizure of your person or property,  I will help ensure that your rights are protected.


Clients living under the threat of costly fines, indictment, criminal convictions, or imprisonment may feel enormous stress and fear. I will employ 20 years of experience in criminal law and procedure to pursue your defenses, investigate the facts, explain the options and work diligently on your behalf.

Sexual, Physical and Psychological Abuse

Survivors of sexual, physical and/or psychological trauma need information.  Information empowers survivors with options.  When you know your options you able are to make the best decision for your life and unique circumstances.

But simply having information may not be enough.  You need experienced counsel that is willing to personally guide you through administrative hearings, criminal court and/or civil proceedings.  With survivors, I use strategy and experience to hold abusive authority figures accountable.

Whether the person that hurt you is a community leader, coach, powerful figure, peer or family member, you do not have to fear retaliation and remain silent. 


It does not matter if the perpetrator has an attorney, supporters or institutions to hid their misdeeds - YOU can also have an attorney that EMPOWERS and works for YOU.

I understand the complexities, frustrations and high stakes involved with survivors who are sexually, physically, verbally and/or emotionally abused by authority figures and institutions in:

  • elite gymnastics

  • competitive youth sports

  • foster care settings

  • family and home environments

  • church and religious organizations

  • membership clubs and youth groups

  • schools and universities.

I know you have questions.  Find out if we should work together.  Speak with me confidentially at 212-709-8141.


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