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Rob Stolker

Rob Stolker is a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Founder/Owner of Hummingbird Sports LLC, former coach and father of daughters.


Are Female Lacrosse Players Protected by USA Lacrosse?

Nov 24, 2020
Rob Stolker

Are Female Lacrosse Players Protected by USA Lacrosse?

In Rob's best seller, "It's A No-Brainer: An Entrepreneur's Battle to Reduce Concussions in Girls' Lacrosse," we learn the how obvious truth about protecting female lacrosse players from concussions goes unheard by institutions.

On this episode you will learn how:

  • early life struggles can influence a positive life perspective;
  • simple questions can disrupt institutions and the status quo;
  • why protecting the brains and well-being of female athletes is imperative;
  • culture can diminish the importance of concussions in female lacrosse players;
  • to respond to set backs and disappointments.

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