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The Mediation Option

You  may have taken months or even years, to decide that you can no longer stay married.  The reasons for leaving a marriage are complicated.

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Less FEAR, more control

Traditional divorces can be adversarial and steeped in drama.  Your divorce does not have to be traditional or dramatic.

There is never a reason to feel trapped in a marriage that causes constant suffering and prolonged unhappiness. You owe it to yourself and your children to feel at peace.

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Flat Rate Legal Fees

Avoid a costly, lengthy and acrimonious divorce with flat rate pricing. Our firm uses mediation and flat rate pricing to help families maintain privacy and control of their family's future.

When considering a new life for your family, mediation is a tested method for parties to reach agreements on complex issues such as child custody, finances and living arrangements.

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It is possible to understand the law, know your options, and receive guidance on next steps.

Call today to learn the process our mediators use to give you the options you need to move into a more fulfilling life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About New Jersey Divorce

What are the Four Types of Divorce in New Jersey?

The four types of divorce in New Jersey are traditional litigation, collaborative divorce, pro se, and mediation.

What is the Process for Filing an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey?

In an uncontested divorce, the plaintiff states in the divorce petition that the divorce is uncontested, and the defendant also states this in their response. The couple then jointly prepares a property settlement agreement. If they have minor children, they also jointly prepare a parenting plan.

What are the Biggest Concerns of a Stay-at-Home Parent Going Through Divorce?

If you were a stay-at-home parent during your marriage, you may worry about regaining your footing financially after divorce. In determining equitable distribution and child support, the court considers your role as a stay-at-home parent a contribution to the marriage.

In determining alimony, the court may calculate how much money you are capable of making if you return to work and base the alimony award on the assumption that you will work after the divorce.

How Do New Jersey Courts Define Short-Term and Long-Term Marriages?

Under New Jersey law, a short-term marriage is one that lasts five years or less, and a long-term marriage is one that lasts 17 years or more.

What is Alimony and How Does the Court Determine How Much Alimony to Award?

Alimony is support money paid to one’s former spouse. When possible, the courts divide the marital property such that the financially disadvantaged spouse will not need alimony. When alimony is the only option, it usually does not last longer than the length of the marriage.

To calculate alimony, the court considers each spouse’s assets, expenses, and income. Sometimes it bases its decision on imputed income, which is the income that a non-working spouse would theoretically make if they returned to work.

What is a Divorce Lien?

Adivorce lien is a written promise by the ex-spouse who stays in the maritalhome to pay the spouse who vacated an amount of money equal to the vacatingspouse’s share of equity in the home.

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

There is no formula for deciding which spouse gets to keep the house, or if neither of them keeps it. If one spouse keeps the house, the other gets money or other assets equal to their share of equity in the house.

Should I Use a Mediator to Dissolve My Marriage?

Divorce mediation is cheaper and less stressful than going to trial. Even if you accomplish your divorce through mediation, you should hire a lawyer.

Can My Spouse Take the Kids and Move to Another State?

If your spouse wants to move out of New Jersey with your minor children, the court must order a new parenting plan that accounts for the long-distance transportation. If you want to stop your spouse from moving out of state, you can present your case before the court.

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A divorce lawyer can help you avoid costly mistakes in your divorce. Contact the Law Office of Judie Saunders in Red Bank, New Jersey to set up a free consultation.

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