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At The Law Firm of Judie Saunders, we work closely with individuals who have been arrested to ensure that their constitutional rights are recognized and protected.

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Being stopped, searched, detained, and arrested is a traumatizing experience. In those situations it is common to feel powerless. However, you have very powerful constitutional rights that are designed to protect your life and liberty from government abuse and overreach.

At The Law Firm of Judie Saunders, we work closely with individuals who have been arrested to ensure that these constitutional rights are recognized and asserted.

If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, either for yourself or a loved one, we recognize that hiring the right attorney is likely the most important decision you will ever have to make. We empower all of our clients to tackle their legal crisis head on, and we want you to have the same feelings as well. Contact our office today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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Protect your constitutional rights

Were your rights violated?

Did you know that every encounter with law enforcement is governed by either the State or Federal Constitution? When law enforcement fails to comply with either state or federal law during an encounter, then there is a violation of your constitutional rights.

There are criminal defense attorneys throughout the state of New Jersey and New York who handle many different types of cases, but at The Law Firm of Judie Saunders, we focus on one thing: protecting and asserting your constitutional rights.

If you are living under the threat of fines, indictment, criminal conviction, or even imprisonment, we recognize that you may be feeling tremendous stress and fear. However, you are not alone. With over 20 years of criminal defense experience, our criminal defense law firm has helped countless individuals in facing criminal charges just like yours face the criminal justice system with confidence. We serve clients in New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx, as well as Red Bank, NJ.

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Many of our clients come to us in a state of crisis. They need to make swift decisions about their career, finances and family with little to no knowledge of what the future holds. In many cases, it is common for clients to express guilt and shame about their situation, however, these feelings often cloud judgment about how to effectively deal with the tremendous tasks at hand. That is where we step in to help.

If you are currently in a state of legal crisis following a police encounter, work with a Red Bank, New Jersey criminal defense attorney to find a sustainable solution that not only helps protect your rights under the law, but also creates a clear path forward for you and your family.

The process starts with an initial consultation to discuss the unique facts of your case and the events leading to your criminal charges.

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