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Standing up to authority figures and fighting for your voice to be heard is difficult. Our law firm is here to help.

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Hi, I'm Judie Saunders

I became a lawyer to fulfill the dream of two ambitious immigrants from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. My parents raised me to believe educational and professional success is attained through generosity, service to the vulnerable, and speaking truth.

I found early on in my career that I have a gift for listening to complex problems, visualizing solutions, and then obtaining favorable outcomes through compelling stories. Over the last 20 years, I have worked to prosecute crimes against children, defend the constitutional rights of criminal defendants in private practice, and now represent abuse survivors in both criminal and civil court.

I founded The Law Firm of Judie Saunders to give a voice to those who have been mistreated, abused, and overlooked. My mission is to serve. I look forward to serving you.

I know what you are going through...

If you are a survivor of abuse, I understand the complex journey you may be on now. I understand how authority figures and institutions exploit those they are meant to protect. I understand what options are available to survivors and families when they feel like have hit a dead end.

At The Law Office of Judie Saunders, we are proud to help individuals and families, just like you, find solutions that allow them to find justice and healing.

I've got your back...

No one should have to be afraid to drive their car, walk in a public space, or go about their business. However, illegal stops, unreasonable searches and seizures, and racial profiling are more common than many are willing to admit. While it is important to know your rights when encountering police officers, it is equally as important to be represented by legal counsel that is experienced in criminal law and can help defend your rights against unconstitutional conduct by law enforcement.

Standing up to an authority figure, such as a police officer, and asserting your rights can be intimidating. You don’t have to do it alone. At the Law Office of Judie Saunders, we proudly represent those who have had encounters with law enforcement that result in the search and seizure of their automobile, person, property, home or premises.

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