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Representing survivors of sexual, physical, emotional and
psychological abuse so that they can focus on life and healing.

About me

Hi, I'm Judie

I understand abuse and the shame, confusion and secrecy of survivors. I know about the midnight Google searches for answers, the desire for relief and belonging.

That is why I have dedicated my career, as a lawyer, to helping individuals reclaim their voice, agency over their body and hold abusive authority figures accountable for the harm they caused.

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Survivor representation

abuse survivor representation

The Law Office of Judie Saunders represents survivors of abuse and helps them hold their abusers, authority figures, and the institutions that failed to protect them accountable.

We represent survivors who have experienced abuse by:

  • Coaches, authority figures, and national governing bodies
  • Schools, churches, and community organizations
  • Foster parents, family members, and other authority figures
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criminal defense

protecting your consitutional rights

You have powerful constitutional rights that are designed to protect your life and liberty from government abuse and overreach. As a criminal defense law firm, we work with clients to ensure those rights are recognized and protected in a court of law. We represent clients who have experienced an unlawful traffic stop, an unreasonable search and seizure, detention and other violations of constitutional rights in criminal court.

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Guide To Police Encounters
Download and print this helpful PDF ebook about handling police encounters.
The Parent’s Guide for Surviving Child Athlete Abuse
Download and print this helpful PDF ebook for Parents on how to Survive Their Child's Abuse
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